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Seamless arrangements for guests and staff, ensuring comfort and convenience

Accommodation management, a crucial component of event planning which involves a comprehensive set of tasks and responsibilities.

This accommodation planning can be time-consuming, particularly when dealing with large-scale events or multiple accommodations. Outsourcing allows you as event planners to focus on core aspects of the client facing planning, while I assist with handling the intricacies of lodging arrangements.


From negotiating contracts to managing deliveries,

I will handle it all.

Supplier coordination involves the management and oversight of various vendors and service providers to ensure that their products and services align seamlessly with the overall event vision.

It includes research and vendor selection, contract negotiation, logistics planning, problem solving, payment and invoices and full communication.

Coordinating with multiple suppliers requires a significant time investment. Outsourcing this aspect allows you to focus on other critical tasks related to event design, marketing, and client interactions. This time efficiency can contribute to a smoother overall event planning process.

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Travel Logistics

Streamlined travel plans for your team and guests, eliminating stress and delays.

Travel logistics involves the organisation and coordination of transportation-related details for event attendees, speakers, staff, and any other individuals involved in the event.


Managing travel logistics is crucial to ensure that everyone arrives at the event venue comfortably, on time, and with minimal stress.

By outsourcing travel logistics, you can streamline operations, and enhance overall event coordination. This approach allows you to provide a seamless and stress-free travel experience for guests and staff, contributing to the overall success and reputation of the events you organise.

Effective Communication systems

Ensure everyone is on the same page with top-notch communication strategies.

Incorporating elements into your communication systems, planning teams can enhance collaboration, minimise misunderstandings, and ensure that logistics planning progresses smoothly.


Effective communication systems might include: 

Real-time messaging tools, Project Management systems like Trello or Asana, calendar integrations, google document sharing, regular team meetings

Outsourcing support for creating effective communication systems allows you to leverage specialised expertise, optimize technology solutions, and ensure seamless communication among team members and stakeholders.

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