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What is the Client Portal in Dubsado?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Have you ever wished that you didn't have to trawl through a mass of emails to find out what you sent to your clients? OR even worse make your clients do the same?

Having a client portal allows your client to have everything at their finger tips so that they can access whenever they want to without any stress or want that for your clients right?

Using Dubsado allows this exact thing and it's mint! I'm going to go through, the what's, the how's and all the little bits you perhaps didn't realise. Oh and I forgot to mention it can all be branded to you!!

The Client Portal in Dubsado is a great place to keep all of your clients’ proposals, contracts, invoices, emails, and other documents organised. It can be embedded onto your website if you prefer or sent via a direct link. The client is password protected so only they can access their own client portal

You might need your clients to go to certain links or websites from time to time. You can now make accessing 3rd party links easy for your clients by putting them in client portals.

Your clients no longer need to dig through your emails, their downloads folders, or cloud storage to find the links they need. They simply log into their client portal and find the links they need inside. This is the same for pdf documents too.

At the heart of every service-based business is the client experience.

It’s like the one key that unlocks great testimonials, referrals, repeat clients, and all around an awesome business reputation.

Without taking the effort to refine and make better your client experience, you’re missing a huge opportunity to stand out from the competition!

Not only does the client portal give your brand a polished and professional feel, but it also makes things 10x easier on your clients. With the client portal, your clients are able to easily view email exchanges between you, documents you’ve shared, forms, invoices, task boards, and more.

Upon signing a new client, you’re able to activate their portal with either an email-password combo for their login, or they can just use their email address.

The client portal is split into 4 main sections:


Your client logs into their client portal and the home tab displays things that need their immediate attention, any unread emails, incomplete forms, and open invoices they have.


(although you can change the name projects in the main settings section - I like to change the name to folders)

The projects tab allows your clients to view multiple details about their folder. They’re able to view information like:

  • Invoices

  • Contracts

  • Documents (including forms, PDFs, and links)

  • Appointment schedulers (if sent to the client)

  • Appointment dates and times (if added to portal), and

  • Task boards (if shared with the client)


This does as it says on the tin.....view their emails with you. They don’t have the ability to send and respond to emails you’ve sent them directly from the portal, but this tab serves as a way of only viewing a small number of emails instead of trawling through their whole inbox.


This tab displays the client’s details that you have in the system. By clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, they’re able to edit this right inside of their portal, like their name, contact info, business info, social media handles/links, etc.

Elevate Your Client Experience

By giving clients a spot that they’re able to view all of the details whilst working with you, it really serves and impacts them in a way that’s unlike anything else!

Mastering your client experience not only gives your business an awesome reputation but it also allows you to sell the experience you offer versus just the skills or services you offer. This helps you leverage your business and book clients centred around how well you make them feel.

A happy client means a very happy business owner when they’re more inclined to leave an awesome testimonial, refer you to a friend, or come back for more work! So, try out the client portal feature and see what a difference it makes in your clients overall satisfaction with and impression of your brand.

As I talked about in my previous blog WHY YOUR CLIENT MANAGEMENT IS SO IMPORTANT it's essential to capture your clients from the minute they want to work with you and keep them engaged and happy and the client portal is a part of that process.

Want to set up Dubsado yourself? But don't want to trawl through the whole of YouTube?

Why not have a look at my Dubsado DIY Training Programme where I teach you in a simple way in the right order with short videos (actually showing you how to do it).

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