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Using Dubsado as your gatekeeper!

As a previous PA I was always the 'gatekeeper' to the CEO. Keeping people at bay, sending holding emails, arranging appointments and all that jazz.

Dubsado can be your gatekeeper and then you don't need to employ a 'real' person saving you some pennies but still keeping a handle of your business.

Say when you are in an office a potential client calls in to ask some questions about your business. A PA takes the call, answers questions about the services, and then screens the new lead to ensure they are likely to convert to a client based on location, services, prices, or any other factors you specify.

Instead of an actual gatekeeper you have a virtual one....

Using the Lead capture form in Dubsado you can include a few essential intake questions to capture the new lead’s name, address, email, and phone number. But you can also add custom fields to get industry-specific information.

Your Dubsado intake forms are all available on a unique URL; once you’ve created one, copy the link and add to your website or even embed the form if preferred.

Keep the intake form fairly simple, as a new lead might be overwhelmed by being asked to provide too much information straight away. You can always ask for more information further down the line.

Following them completing the lead form use the workflow to send them down a journey using workflows:

A workflow is an automated series of steps that Dubsado runs on a project. When a lead capture form is submitted, Dubsado will generate a new project AND can apply a workflow to that new project at the same time!

Workflows can be connected to lead captures in one of two ways:

1. Default Workflow - the same workflow is applied each time the Lead Capture is submitted

2. Workflow Element - the client selects an option from a dropdown and a corresponding workflow is applied

Default Lead Capture Workflow

Using a Default Workflow is the best option when you always want the same workflow to start when your lead capture is filled out. Maybe you only have one type of service and therefore, only one client process to automate. This is also a good choice if all of your new leads need to go through the same first few steps before moving on to a different workflow at your discretion.

Adding a Workflow Element to Your Lead Capture Form

The Workflow Element allows your client to make a selection from a dropdown and then applies the workflow that corresponds with their choice. This is the best option when you have multiple services in your business that require different forms and emails to be sent.

The workflows can take your client down a route that typically you would do yourself manually but it's automatic. It does NOT mean it's any less personal as you can easily include personal smart fields into your canned emails but what it does mean is that you are less overwhelmed.

You can even have questions on your Lead capture form that may have the answer of YES or NO which then automatically sends them to a workflow based on yes or no.....Yes being a workflow to continue down a route of working with you and No being a different workflow to an email or emails that indicate that they might not be the right fit for you. All of which can be done without you having to do a single thing....the gatekeeper!

Ask yourself this:

  1. How are you answering emails from new leads right now?

  2. How do you capture essential information and convert prospects into clients?

What’s the most important information to gather about your new clients? Write down a list and create a form in Dubsado to capture this information.

Once you’ve got the essentials set up, set up a scheduling link and your canned emails associated with a new potential client and set up your Lead Capture Form based on the above information and Gatekeep them....without them realising it!

DOWNLOAD my free guide to setting up the perfect Dubsado in10 steps HERE

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