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Tired of writing emails over and over?

You know the ones, the ones where you are onboarding a client and you think to yourself....why am I writing out this email AGAIN or trying to find the last one which has taken you a good 10 minutes and now you've got to copy and paste and make sure you change the right things in the right places.....what an absolute FAFF!!

Dubsado has a function called Canned Emails. It allows you to create those regular emails in a personal way but keeps them as templates to use during your client journey and embeds them into a workflow sending out the right thing at the right time.....I can almost here you sigh with relief that this is what you have been wanting!

But first I want to talk to you about communicating with your clients and email etiquette.

When communicating with your clients you want to speak to them clearly, but in a way that doesn’t sound fake or like you are some kind of robot.

Which leads to my top 3 rules for email etiquette:

Add Personality to your emails

Before writing any canned emails, consider who will receive these? Think of your own brand and how you want to them to look or feel.

You want their experience of finding you online, choosing you, and working with you to be seamless, and that includes the personality of the business.

For now just try to ditch the corporate sounding emails and write these in a way that shows who you really are, while maintaining clarity.

When using canned email templates in Dubsado, you need to triple check your work to ensure that you’ve inputted the correct smart fields for each email template. Using their first name as a smart field will add the personal touch and can be used throughout the email to make your client feel good. You can even use the smart field of their name in the subject header by copying that smart field from the body of the text....little free tip there!

Smart fields need to be used if including a 'form' or a 'scheduler' in the email for instance and all the smart fields can be found at the bottom of each email.....there are lots - it will blow your mind.

Be Clear

Clarity—the most important thing. You want to write in a way that is clear, otherwise… what’s the point in writing anything at all?

Being clear comes from both an understanding of your own messaging, but also what you need each email to accomplish.

When writing your canned emails, consider the action items. What do you want your client to do at each stage? What information do they need to complete that task for you? Break it down super simple for them.

Pro tip: Actually format your emails a little bit. If you have a list of items to note, use bullet points. Bold font for subtitles. Underline important reminders. Even if the email is short, you can probably play with the formatting to increase clarity for your clients. Make your emails look less.....boring.

What checkpoints do you have with clients? Leads? Onboarding? Throughout the project? List them all then start chipping away at the list.

How many is too many?

When you sit down to your workflow content planning list, you might notice something… You need a lot of content. It’s overwhelming, at best.

Don't go overboard with your emails, there is no need - you can have too many.

Only create the emails that fit into your client journey - map out this client journey for each of your services on a piece of paper and work out what emails go where.

After you’ve written all these emails, you need to add each email to the corresponding spot in your workflow. The upfront investment of time to do this is counteracted by the time you will save when Dubsado is up and running for you!

So what do you think now?

Are you in? Do you like the sound of this?

Why not check out my free guide of how to get started with Dubsado HERE

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