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Struggling to provide consistent client experience?

Have you ever wanted to work with someone and love their work and then you decide to take the plunge and suddenly you are a little disappointed with the disjointed onboarding process? I know I have.

First impressions are vital....It's going to start to form a wonderful relationship with your client before they have even started with you and let's be honest it can be a bit of make or break situation - they could even change their mind.....noooo don't go away!!

Let's look at ways that you can improve that client experience.

1. Respond to your clients in a timely manner.....don't keep them waiting

Now this doesn’t mean you need to spend all day glued to your email or DMs. Instead, set up automated replies so that people know you’ve received their inquiry right away. Then, you can set aside time later to personally respond to all your inquiries.

2. Use email templates to help you provide a thorough, intentional and completely on-brand replies to any type of question or request

Come on guys taking the time to write individual replies to every single email is not only inefficient, but leaves you in a position to accidentally leave out important information or respond in an inarticulate way.

Rather than writing each individual reply from scratch and risk inbox overwhelm, take some time to think about the most common email requests or questions you receive. Then, write out thoughtful, own voice email templates for each type of email request/question, making sure to cover all of the important information. Then, when an email comes in, you can just pull up your template, adjust it slightly to fit the specific inquiry, and send it off quickly.

By taking time to sit down and write out these templated replies, not only are you being efficient with your time, but you’re giving yourself the opportunity to craft very thorough, thoughtful emails that are professional and a positive representation of your brand.

3. Set your appointments using an online scheduler

Rather than go back and forth in a long email chain - trying to find a time that works for both people, send a scheduler that shows your availability and clients can just choose the time that works for them. Not only is it easier and a big time saver, it shows your client that you value their time.

4. Take the time to listen when you have a discovery call with your clients noting down their pain points and goals

Ask specific questions to help you figure out what their pain points are, what their goals are, and what the success of the project will look like to them. Then, you can come up with creative solutions that solve their problems, help to achieve their goals, and help close the gap between where they stand currently and where they want to go. This is a great opportunity to build trust in your expertise and better serve your client.

5. Make it easy for new clients to begin working with you

I use Dubsado to create online contracts and invoices so my clients can simply pay and sign online. They don’t have to mess with the printing, then signing, then scanning, then emailing drama. It’s all simple and easy online. Click here, sign here, pay here. Done.

6. Respond automatically after your client pays an invoice

Even an auto-reply will do! Just take the time to thank them for their business after they’ve made a payment to your business.

7. Keep all client files and important documents in one safe place

For example, in my business, I provide each of my clients an online portal through Dubsado. In the client portal, I store all of the files and documents pertaining to the project, such as the executed contract, invoices, design questionnaire, and content worksheet.

This way, things are organised and less likely to get lost. The client portal is also a time-saver for me - since my clients have access to their client portal, they don’t have to ask me for copies of any of their files.

8. Set the boundaries at the beginning of the project

You could have a Welcome Packet that you send to your clients at the beginning of the project that clearly outlines the process, how they can contact you, the timeline of the project, what I need from them, how to send their documents, how to provide feedback and the next steps in the process.

9. Go above and beyond by providing your clients with training, education or helpful tips

Not much to add here other than go the extra mile for your clients and they'll be recommending you to everyone!

10. Follow up with clients after the project is over to check in and make sure that your work is running smoothly for them

This is my last tip....make sure the clients ends on a happy note and that all is well following you working together.

If you use Dubsado then all of these processes are ridiculously easy and if you don't use Dubsado but want enhance your clients experience then download my free guide to getting started with Dubsado. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE GUIDE

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