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Sexy, streamlined way to onboard a steady surge of new clients

If there was a sexy, streamlined way to onboard a steady surge of new clients without the overwhelm, email ping-pong, and “oh crap, did I forget to send that thing?” of doing everything manually…

✔️ Would you finally feel ready to commit to up-levelling your business?

✔️ Would you be up for letting go of your self-limiting beliefs around tech?

✔️ Could you boss up and start running your business like a proper outfit?

I can feel you from here yelling HECK YES inside. Every ounce of your being knows you’re capable of running a sleek well-oiled machine of a business.

You haven’t made it a priority yet.

Who has the time?

Life and clients and to-do’s are piling up. Your stress level (and sanity) are beginning to crack under the pressure of keeping it all together.

Just when you think you’ll have time or energy to focus on setting up your own systems, you remember another eleventy-four tasks you forgot to check off your list...


Your energy needs to go towards serving the heck out of your clients.

But it’s currently being sucked into a black hole. You’re frantically searching through sticky notes, emails, DM’s, Google Docs and WhatsApp convos to find the info you need.

✔️ If you want to impress the pants off your leads

✔️ If you want them to they trust your expertise...

✔️ If you need a professional, consistent flow for onboarding new clients...

✔️ If you're reading to stop wasting hours of valuable Netflix time doing everything by hand...

You need a Client Management System.


like, yesterday.

Picture it:

➼ You’re able to sign so many new high-rolling dream clients every month…

...without all the stress, overwhelm and ball-dropping that’s happening now.

➼ You’ve set up your emails, proposals, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires only ONE MORE TIME…

...and know with 100% confidence they’ll be sent on-time to the right client, in the right order. And it didn’t take you months to figure out how!

➼ You wake up to a hot new lead who's already filled out a questionnaire and booked a call…

...without you having to play exhausting email table tennis for days figuring out time zones and availability (only to double book yourself on accident because - whoops - no system.) And all because you setup your own systems in Dubsado!

➼ All your leads being blown away by your professional process...

…and it all happened on autopilot while you were watching Daphne Bridgerton fall in love with the Duke. Again.

Map out all your workflows

No more half-arsing your processes or letting tasks fall through the cracks. Write out your entire client journey from start to finish. You’ll never forget to send a proposal or invoice again!

Create Your Content

Get ready to ditch the random sticky notes, notebooks and client files. One-stop onboarding is the new name of the game. You’ll feel like a whole new biz owner after seeing all your questionnaires, forms and the like in one spot.

Enter it all into Dubsado

Use my streamlined process for loading all your precious info into Dubsado without an “I HATE TECH” headache. You’ll feel confident that you’ve got this and everything is set up perfectly.

Get my free guide here - GETTING STARTED WITH DUBSADO

This is what my clients say 👇

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