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Protecting your boundaries using Dubsado

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Do you have consistency in the client experience you provide?

Like you, there was once a time at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur where things got too busy to keep doing everything manually and my client experience was suffereing

I had files, and documents saved everywhere. I was searching back on emails to use as a template and having to reply to common inquiries over and over again. I've been a PA for over 15 years and I knew how to be organised....but when you work for a company, you work within the structure that they use and so there is a framework to work with.

I found myself struggling at the beginning with knowing what system would serve me best and how to elevate that client service that I prided myself so much on.

I was also frustrated and upset, when the emails (no proposals at the beginning) I sent out weren’t leading to sales, people asking for discounts or even worse not getting back to me after the effort I had put in. I wanted a process to make my potential clients and actual client feel special and that I went above & beyond their expectations.

Plus the Biggy was, I was working far too many hours on all this admin which ended up being pushed into the weekend which I was starting to resent working ALL the hours - this is NOT why I set up my business.

So one day, I sat down and mapped out my entire client Journey to find ways I could add value along the way. But I still had about 4 systems that I was using to send things out to clients and quite frankly if I was my own client I would not be could I help myself further??

Setting boundaries in your business is crucial to allowing it to grow and at the beginning my boundaries were truly shocking!

When I chose to be an entrepreneur, I thought of the freedom that running my own business allows. I get to take and pick up my son from school, I'm home for both my younger children when they are home from school, I get to take them to appointments without asking permission and take holidays when I want.

However, it’s not always easy and sometimes you need to sit back and set out some ground rules to save your sanity:

  • Set parameters for clients

  • Enforce project scopes

  • Have tough conversations

  • Working when you want to relax

  • Spending too much time on busywork


After I had spent time looking at my client journey, I wanted a system to help me do all these things I have talked about....I had heard about Dubsado but I didn't truly know at this point how it was going to change my business!!

Let me explain how it helped me and how it can help you too


It’s so important to make new enquiries feel supported as soon as they reach out. It’s so important that you aren’t glued to your inbox as a business owner. Your time is best used focusing on the task in hand without constantly checking your emails.

Also, we need to just relax instead of replying to leads after hours! Enter Dubsado.....One system that allows you to set an automated lead workflow that does the following:

  • Use a Lead Capture form to take some basic information from the potential client (can be embedded onto your website or sent as a url link)

  • Automatically responds to new enquiries.

  • Sends your scheduler link, so leads can book discovery calls on their own if they like what they see.

  • Sends confirmation email of appointment

  • Sends reminder 1 hour or 2 before the call

All of this is done automatically, without lifting a finger but still very personal to the potential client, whilst you stay focused on whatever you’re doing, they get the information they need.


Do you know those long email threads that are just a back-and-forth of “Does this time work for you?” So tedious!… we can skip those now with an automated scheduler.

  • Send scheduler links to clients and leads so you don’t need to worry about coordinating time zones, calendars, and waiting for replies. They book in when they’re ready at a time that works for them.

  • Skip the awkward conversation of “That time doesn’t really work for me.” The scheduler link makes it clear when you’re available (and when you aren’t).


When you automate with Dubsado specifically, proposals, contracts, and invoices can be sent all in one go to ensure that new clients check each box in a timely manner. No more needing to send each separately to have them miss something.

Everyone stays on track! Plus Dubsado stores records of these on both your side and the client portal so everyone can refer back to the project expectations.

This video below is an overview of Dubsado in simple language:


One of the most important steps in onboarding a new client is setting expectations for the project. As a business owner, it’s up to you to lay the ground rules. With systems in place, you can enforce boundaries like the following:

  • Send a welcome guide automatically after a project is booked and the deposit paid.

  • Include boundaries for communication. Where, when, and how can clients expect to hear from you about their project?

  • Set boundaries by adding office hours to the workflow and then no emails will go out at midnight and make your clients think you work ALL the hours, which you don't!

  • Talk about offboarding in the beginning. You need to be clear when your support stops and how clients can resume working with you after the current project ends. This eliminates any lingerers who infringe on the time of future projects.

  • Think of any other sticky spots you’ve experienced before. Can you use these as lessons to create simple boundaries?


We've all had the “pick your brain” request at least once. With systems in place, you can send a canned email response to these that includes a link to book and pay for a consultation. Your time is money!

If you are now thinking.....get me started with Dubsado now why don't you download my FREE Trello Board, which will help you get started. 👉Click here

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