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My journey to become a Dubsado Expert

How did I get started to become a Dubsado Expert? That is a very good question and one which I will now answer 👇

'Twas back in Jan 2020 that I quit my very secure job to start my own business and as a single mum to 3 that was not an easy decision, but quite frankly I could not live with the regret on not doing it!

Having been a PA for the previous 16 years the natural step was to be a VA at first....but this didn't last long, I just knew that I had more in me.....cue Dubsado.

I first heard about Dubsado about a month into my business and looked at it and just couldn't seem to get it! But I knew I wanted it both for my business AND to help others. But it looked so complicated and this was frustrating so I just ditched it to start with.....but I'm not a quitter!

A few weeks later I decided to dive in again and this time I was going all in....I learned it piece meal....step by step, video by video and worked late into the night.....I was going to nail this.

Dubsado is a proper game changer when it comes to serving your clients with a level of professionalness that is frankly insane and also enables you to get your sh*t together big time!

One place for all your client management.....Jesus Christ it's good.

I took on my first client for free, I made all the mistakes, more learning and slowly started to learn how to be an expert.

I have set up many Dubsado's and none of them have been the same, they are so bespoke and I like to make sure I set up in a simple way to allow the client to be able to use it afterwards.

But what about if you like to learn yourself....let's look at this 👇

There are many different ways to set up Dubsado.....spend hours learning how to do it yourself, get someone to do it for you, learn from a generic workshop OR get me to teach you in my 4 week signature training programme which is 1:1.

There is a significant cost difference between a done for you and a done with you but there’s something for everyone...But the differences do NOT stop at cost alone: 🔽

⚡️A done FOR you service = providing info to me about your business and how you want your account to look then sit back and let it all happen. Possible downside, you might not understand how to use it having not been involved in the process however if you don't have the time then this is perfect for you.

⚡️A done WITH you service = being taught by me how to use the backend of the system, you creating it with a Pro at your side. Using your muscle memory to remember how it all works, knowing all the ins and outs, how to solve any problems, learn how to set up elements for future change, being challenged and satisfied you can operate with little effort.

''But Michelle, I'm not a pro?! I don't know where to even begin, I logged into Dubsado and it was so overwhelming and I don't have time to be up until the early hours learning. I hear you and that's why I created my bespoke 1:1 training programme. It costs 63% less than if I do it for you, and I will have you feeling like a confident pro in no time''

This is a truly unique way of learning this powerful system that will take your business to next level and give you the same fuzzy feeling having everything in one place as it does me.....I am so passionate about Dubsado, it makes me smile every time I use it for me and my clients.

Check out my blog called....How do you even get started in Dubsado to find the background to getting going

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