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Making first impressions count using Dubsado

Updated: May 2

✴️ I know you know that your clients matter.....but what I am talking about is way before you actually start working with them ✴️

Do you know what onboarding your clients mean??

For me, it's about creating the very best first impression you can, whilst also not being chained to your laptop to create it. 💻

A lack of organisation will eventually lead to error somewhere along the line and doing tasks manually is a ball ache!

Imagine you create a Lead Capture form (that you can embed or link into your website) and ,make it look beautiful, make it look branded, make it look so profesh!! Asking the right questions in that form and having emails, confirmation and reminders for this initial call without you lifting a pinky finger is the dream.....Well it's not a dream, it's a reality using Dubsado just like this.

#firstimpressions. This is just the start of using Dubsado and I could talk about it for days but the most important thing is that using Dubsado takes your client onboarding from a 3/4 to 9/10 and wow do they deserve that.

It's why I am so passionate about teaching you VA's and creative entrepreneurs how to best set up Dubsado for your business.

If you are a VA and want to save time and look too darn hot to turn down using Dubsado and wow your clients....AND increase your skillset, click here to access a FREE Trello Board for you on how to set up Dubsado in a simple way.👇

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