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Is the alternative to Dubsado any good??

When we talk about Client Management Systems there is only one for me....but I know what you are thinking, there must be other ones out there?? Well you'd be right there is, but are they any good?

Here today, let's look at the one that's the nearest to Dubsado and see how it shapes up....let's look at the difference between Dubsado and HoneyBook.

Dubsado and HoneyBook are two of the more popular client management platforms around when it comes to drafting contract templates or submitting proposal templates.

Pitched at the creative industry, they’re designed to simplify the business workflows, processes and reporting for graphic designers, writers, web developers, photographers, and more.

I am going to dive in and look at the pro's and con's

Dubsado vs HoneyBook: features and cost

How do these client management software platforms stack up when we pit their features head-to-head?

The Pros of Dubsado

First off, let's dive into the pros.

1. It’s very customisable

Dubsado boasts a wide range of customisable options when it comes to the overall client-facing experience. This means the fonts, colours and images on forms, contracts, invoices and reports can be tweaked to reflect your brand’s look and feel.

2. There’s integrated time-tracking

Some client management platforms (like HoneyBook) only allow for manual entries when it comes to time-tracking. Others, like Dubsado, build time-tracking into the software.

This means you don’t need to pay for and use a third-party time tracker over and above your subscription. Instead, you have confidence that the billable hours you’re tracking are fully integrated with your workflow and seamlessly applied to your invoice.

3. You can have multiple brands

If your creative business is split up into multiple brands (i.e. wedding photography and stationery) you can manage these brands within Dubsado while presenting them as separate to the outside world. It costs an additional £8 per brand, per month.

The cons of Dubsado

With so many features, Dubsado has a steep learning curve.

Setting it up and tailoring it to your specific business needs and wants can be difficult and time-consuming, many of its more complex features and functions can go unused while you get to grips with the basics.

The pros of HoneyBook

1. It’s easy to set-up

In contrast with Dubsado, HoneyBook is a lot easier to use straight off the bat. You can have it up and running, just the way you want, in a few hours. Although it’s not as customisable as other client management platforms, all the basics are there, including template contracts and emails.

2. Simple workflows

Both HoneyBook and Dubsado allow you to build custom step-by-step workflows, guiding clients from the point of inquiry through to booking, onboarding, and payment.

The difference?

HoneyBook’s are so much simpler to set up and use. This level of task automation allows you to save time while presenting a polished and professional process to your client.

3. Built with events in mind

HoneyBook can be used by any number of creative professionals, but where it stands apart from Dubsado is as a platform for events.

Wedding planners, event managers, and photographers will appreciate the option to create a timeline covering pre-event organisation through to the day-of-event tasks and services.

The cons of HoneyBook

The biggest downside to HoneyBook is its lack of customisation. Although recent changes have seen the introduction of certain custom options for forms, it pales in when comparing Dubsado vs HoneyBook.

HoneyBook is still well-designed, with a clean and clear interface, and it can be personalised up to a point. But if you’re looking for more control over your client management software’s output, it definitely falls short.

What’s the conclusion ?

When it comes to Dubsado vs HoneyBook, there’s no clear winner. The choice comes down to your industry, your expectations, and your desire for customisation.

If you value a clean and simple design with easy-to-use functionality, HoneyBook could be the answer.

But if you want full control over how your brand is perceived from initial contact through to project completion, Dubsado gives you that option.


Michelle x

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