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How outsourcing your email management can benefit both work and home

The concept: The busy, hard working professional wants it all - the business, the family, the children, the holidays. However the reality of it is that for many hardworking business owners or entrepreneurs they spend too much time in front of the laptop screen late at night to finish off what they've not been able to achieve in the day. This can have a damaging effect to the home life so let's take a look at how this can be better managed.

Email Management: Emails...they are a simple thing but now part of our everyday life, it's how we communicate amongst other ways and it's instant. Everything is instant these days and emails are no different - people want quick responses. Nearly everyone dreads peeping into their inbox after a weekend away and seeing mountains of emails...not a great start to any day.

Getting organised: A good way of starting being more efficient with your email management is by creating individual folders for all your clients, tasks, hotel bookings, travel, personal etc. Create a rule for your clients emails to go straight into their own folders. This way there won't be a big list of emails when you open it up and they will show as unread in the left hand side in their own folders. Thus creating a more streamlined look and feel and you can then concentrate on tackling client by client without the overwhelm and being out of control with your emails.

Allocate time: Blocking out time in your diary to review emails will also create a feeling of being in control and you will be less likely to procrastinate when time is allocated to tasks. Colour code the block out time in your diary to make them stand out and form a habit of sticking to these times.

What about if you don't have time for all this?: You are busy right??....I get that and I have been managing emails for clients and previous employers for many years and so for me it's easy and I love it so that helps. Let me implement the background work for the folders and the rules as this is the time consuming bit and then you can enjoy that feeling of opening your inbox and feel fully in control and not feeling exasperated at the look of a full inbox and not knowing where to start.

If this doesn't go far enough to addressing your overwhelm of your emails then let's chat about me fully managing them and I can respond on your behalf and alert you for more urgent needs which will save you even more time and money...imagine what you could achieve within your business in that time.


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