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How to upsell using Dubsado...

Have you ever had some stranger knock on your door and the first thing they say is 'I'm not selling you anything' - yeah right!! Why are you at my door then I hear you cry...

Pushy sales tactics are a right turn off for me and even more so when the other person tries to make you feel guilty or not worthy for buying from them....even online!

My own tactic, actually I don't actually have a tactic - I prefer to use empathy. I completely empathise with those that perhaps don't have the money right now to invest or would like to think about it and so they should in my opinion.

These are the things I am most mindful for when chatting in discovery calls:

1. The needs of your client come from a genuine place

Apart from the fact they are needing a solution, my encounter with them can often be an outlet to candidly voice their frustrations. Particularly if you service other businesses, they are confiding in you, and trusting you with the source of their livelihood.

2. Listening is more important than expressing what your points are to land the sale

Have you ever been on a sales call yourself and you know that they are reading from a script or at the very least one that they have rehearsed in their head?

We often have things we want to excitedly convey, but breaking down their most immediate concerns will make the interaction more nurturing.

It may be difficult at times if you feel like they are not following your input, but it’s important to be at peace knowing your client will always have their own opinions and interpretations. Above all, ​listening i​s what will strengthen your bond and connection with your client.

3. Emotional intelligence and client happiness go hand in hand

If you are able to relate to your client on the most human level, the point when your business can step in will come naturally.

In my own experience, this understanding has helped me to harvest the best interactions.

With empathy in mind, the primary goal becomes understanding a client’s most sincere pain points.

While I believe in most cases that my service would benefit someone’s business, my intention is never to sway or pressure a commitment. When I'm finishing a call, my only aim is to ensure that they felt more happy and informed than you were before.

So how can you upsell in Dubsado without 'selling'?

Automating your follow-ups

We humans are forgetful, too much to do all the time.

If you’re not following up with your clients after you invite them to book a discovery call with you, or after you send them a proposal, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Don't feel awkward about following up with people, they sometimes forget too. I personally think doing it shows that you’re excited about working with someone, and that you’re organised and ‘on the ball’.

Either way, if you automate your follow-ups using Dubsado you don’t have to feel awkward — it just happens but it's still personal.

Add add-ons to your proposals

This is a great tip and has worked so well for some of my clients.

Dubsado makes it SO easy for you to offer extra’s to your new clients, they can customise how they work with you — and you can increase the total value of that client. I like to think of it like a menu they can select from.

Use the proposals to add in the packages and under the main service that you are offering you can underneath create the 'extras' or add on's.

Let them decide in their own time and give them time to think.

Automating your upsells

For the all reasons I mentioned above I do NOT want to 'sell' to anyone on a call and the same thing goes for re-engaging past clients. I get it, it can feel really icky!

Here’s the thing — if you want to start offering an upsell or going back to past clients and inviting them to work with you again, automating this will help you do it consistently without the yucky feeling.

Spend a little time writing some emails that feel really good to you. Ones that you’d be happy to send out to a business bestie that had worked with you before.

Put them in Dubsado, create a workflow and let it happen without you stressing about it.

If it doesn’t work? there's no harm done but what if it does work.....hey presto!!

This can really help grow your income. It’s easier to work with clients who already trust you and can see the value you add to their business or life.

In the slow months, create a tagging system

Create a tag in Dubsado called “price too high” when someone decides not to work with you, you can add this to the project before you archive it.

This means that if you’re having a slow month, or you want to create a little cash injection in your business, you can search your archive for these people. Then, you can go back to them saying something like “hi, I know working with me wasn’t in your budget when we last spoke — but I’m offering this special thing, would you be interested?”.

A little known tool....Dubsado’s Project Sources feature

If you have no idea where your leads are coming from, and which ones convert, this is really going to help you.

In Dubsado you are able to track where your sources are coming from. I love this tool as it's very visual and gives you a breakdown of where your clients are coming from. Here is my breakdown for the last few months:

As you can see, this shows where your clients come from and when, as well as how many projects are converting each week and what your average sale is from these projects.

You can also search by date and this report helps me see during a certain period where most of my clients are coming from.

If you spend some time looking over this screen every month or quarter, you can start to get a really good idea of what’s working for you now and where you need to spend more time to get more clients.

So now we bring this to a close and you can see there are several ways of upselling and knowing where your clients are coming from and using that information for the future.

If you would to know how to get started with Dubsado then my new free guide with even more value will help you. CLICK HERE for this guide.

Or if you fancy a free call to discuss in more detail (you know I won't sell to you!) then you can book a call HERE.

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