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How are you tracking your client leads?

Do you use one of these things?:

An excel spreadsheet?

A trust whiteboard?

Your filing cabinets?

Several email accounts?

Notes on your phone?

Capturing leads on one website, send them a welcome email through a different one, send them forms from yet another website, invoice them elsewhere and, you get the idea...??


From how we capture leads, organise them, what email we’re sending from and what we can include in those emails. How we build our “relationships” with clients; or how we manage our clients; all of these things make up a critical component of what we call the “client experience.”

Dropping the ball in any of these areas can hurt our overall client experience as well as our sales. When clients feel as though the process of working with you was smooth and simple throughout, it results in not only a willingness to work with you again but in wanting to recommend you to people they care about.

Working with a client management system like Dubsado has functionality in both the front and back end of your business process, though so often, backend management is neglected. To clarify:

Front End: Relating to the part of a business that is accessible or visible to the general public.
Back End: 'Behind the scene' operations centre of a business with which the customer rarely comes in contact.

The mistake a lot of people make is to wait until their backend processes are broken beyond repair and then recognise just how crucial it is to the overall client process.

The backend process isn’t isolated; if it’s organised, managed and smooth, your clients will feel it.

You will be less focused on where your process might break behind the scenes and more on how you are engaging and serving your clients.

Dubsado allows you to:

  • Create lead categories to move your leads through

  • ‍Sync with your email address to allow for all correspondence with your clients through Dubsado to be sent from your business email address

  • Manage bookkeeping

  • To-Dos / Project Boards / Call Logs

  • Sync your calendar

  • Send invoices and get paid through payment processor integration.

Front-end involves anything your client will see and with Dubsado giving you full control over customising those resources as well with:

  • Create lead capture forms that wow and look just like you to embed on your website.‍

  • Branded emails and branded contracts, questionnaires, proposals, and invoices. Create any form imaginable, all with the ability to be interacted with by your clients. Proposals can even auto-generate contracts and invoices!‍

  • Stunning client portals with all your branding.

Delivering a strong client experience is key to attracting the best clients and Dubsado takes care of everything you need to do that.

So let's ditch those spreadsheets and notes on your phone and these sound a bit old fashioned now don't they? Using one system to run your whole business will be a game changer for both your business and your personal life.....dramatic maybe but you'll see!!

Download my free guide to getting started with Dubsado HERE - You will love it!

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