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Don't let your head spin from an endless to-do list

Is your head constantly spinning with an endless to-do list of client admin, project work and leads to deal with?

Can you manage all that stuff on your own? Well...yes of course you can!

Will it take up considerable amounts of your time and energy to keep on top of it? Yes of course it will! Especially as your business grows

Do you think it's no big deal to just email new inquiries back and deal with it all manually....but where is your head at?? confused?? dropping the ball?? your mind is spinning from trying to remember everything??

You might have even lost some leads along the way, because you were too slow to reply to them!

How many times have you spent 30 mins crafting the perfect response to a potential client (when you’ve already done that dozens of times before?) Using Dubsado means you can set everything up to look like it came from your Gmail account, and Dubsado will automatically keep a record of the email in the client folders (known as Projects).

Using the 'canned emails' in Dubsado, which put basically are your 'regular emails you send over and over' will keep your mind free and your time to do other things....add up a few of these 30 minutes and before you know you've spent half a day doing it!

Putting everything into a CRM makes juggling those balls a piece of cake.

It makes it less likely that you’ll lose track of communication.

Adding a CRM is a small shift that also gives clients the feeling they’re working with a pukka business, no sending shoddy looking pdf's here!.

Let's look at some of the ways you can use Dubsado to help you:

👉All your client information in one place

👉Writing templates for your regular emails, proposals and contracts

👉Booking appointment with ease

👉Sending invoices and payment reminders automatically

👉Creating questionnaires to collect client information

There is definitely a learning curve when starting out with Dubsado, but that said is the same for learning any new CRM system, or any system for that matter!

When working with me on a 1:1 basis, I will teach you how to set up this system without the overwhelm over 5 weeks....we take it step by step AND at your technical abilities.

Ready to stop spending a chunk of your time doing everything the long way? CLICK HERE for more info.

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