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Creating MAGIC and rainbows using Dubsado

Who believes in magic?

Who doesn't love to look at rainbows and feel the magic?

What about if I told you that YOU could create magic using Dubsado? Would you believe me?

Well it's not really magic but it does feel like it at times. I have several conversations per week asking me what is so good about Dubsado and it's hard to describe the magic so I will try to explain it here.

Before I started to use Dubsado I was using hellosign to send a contract and having to change the details every time, using Wave to send my invoices, an email to kind of map out some sort of proposal. Email ping pongs to get appointments in the diary. Basically it was stressing the heck out of me and it looked pants to the potential client and pretty sure that's why some didn't sign up....This was both stupidly time consuming and almost disgustingly impersonal…

Let me take a second to walk you through my client workflow now.

If someone wants to take out one of my packages, I just assign it to a project in Dubsado. That’s it! THAT IS LITERALLY IT!! I select a package, and I have an automated system in place that adds in the correct contract, the correct invoice, the payment plan with specific payment dates, sends them the correct questionnaires… Seriously, it’s a game changer! It also let’s me type in my own emails for Welcome Packages, Payment Reminders, Feedback Forms, you name it! And it also lets me add in my own branding and branding colours for all of the buttons, woohoo!

Even if my business wasn't about helping people with their Dubsado set ups and was something else, it's not dramatic to say that my business would fall on it's backside if it wasn't for Dubsado.

So if you didn't think the above was magic how about this 👇

Do you offer any paid power hours?

How about if the paid power hours went like this.....send the client a url link to book the call, pay the monies, fill in a questionnaire before the call, send them an email about what to expect, send them a reminder email 1 hour before the call, have the call AND then send them a feedback email after the call.......ALL without doing one single thing apart from sending them a link and even then this could be on your website for them to click.....if this is not magic then I don't know what it is.

Literally the only thing you need to think about for this scenario is having the call - MAGIC!!

If you would like to know more about Dubsado and how to get started with it then CLICK BELOW for my free guide,


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