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Do you know what onboarding your clients mean??

For me, it's about creating the very best first impression you can, whilst also not being chained to your laptop to create it.

My client onboarding used to look a bit pants and a bit cumbersome. I'd miss out steps simply because I didn't have a system in place.

But I knew I had to find something that not only allowed a more hands off approach but also that looked and felt amazing to my clients.

A lack of organisation will eventually lead to error somewhere along the line and doing tasks manually is a ball ache!

I haven't mentioned this yet but my favourite system to use for this is DUBSADO. Not only do I use this systems with MY clients I now have my own clients that I set up Dubsado they just don't have the time.

Just before we start talking about this more if you would like 20% off Dubsado for the first month or the annual plan then Click here. Although you can play with it for up to 3 clients for free.

So...what's the first thing that your client might see when they want to potentially work with you?? Imagine you create a Lead Capture form (that you can embed or link into your website) and you create this using all the images and questions that you need to know from any potential client. Make it look beautiful, make it look branded, make it look so professional!!

#firstimpressions. This is just the start......let's talk about what other things are involved when you onboard a client.

Contracts ✅

Proposals ✅

Regular emails ✅

Booking appointments ✅

Sending questionnaires for more information ✅

Creating invoices for instant payment ✅

Splitting your payments up and adding them instantly to your proposal ✅

The reason why I have ticked all these things is because Dubsado can automate all of them for hello what's on Netflix, you can chill!!

You can connect your email address up for emails coming from can connect your calendar so no appointment clashes and then as an added feature you can determine when they can book their appointments.

Do you want to send emails that are branded always? Do you want to create forms that are the dogs.....? Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you.....your client gets their own Client Portal that can be designed by you which houses all the clients information in there - so no trawling through emails if they need to refer back.....a little bonus I think, right??

I create all my graphics in Canva (I mean who doesn't like Canva) and if by some small chance you don't use Canva then click here. You can create lovely images in Canva that make your Dubsado look so beautiful. A little tip for you, if you want to create a banner for your client portals or your forms the size should be 1800 px x 200 px.

So what does your client onboarding look like compared to this?? a bit shabby??

I help my clients with creating a 'done for you' service and you can find the details for this HERE or perhaps you want to have a go yourself and in which case I have a free guide to getting started and that link is HERE

Download my free guide 'Getting started with Dubsado' HERE

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