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Can you work a 4 day week using Dubsado?

Updated: May 2

In order to grow your business it’s important to efficiently manage your clients in an effective way.

As any business owner knows, managing client data by hand grows more difficult as your business scales upward. There’s a point where spreadsheets and using several systems just doesn’t cut it anymore!

This is where CRM which stands for a Customer Relationship Management system comes into play and Dubsado is one such CRM’s or as I like to call it…a client management system.

CRM software is a type of business software that has become an inseparable part of modern business.

It focuses on helping businesses, just like yours, gain and nurture client relationships. These platforms are an excellent way to reduce time – and human error – spent on menial/mundane tasks.

Back 20 years ago, client management tools were only available to larger businesses. This was due to the fact that these systems were expensive and ran on complex computer platforms.

Nowadays, there are CRMs for small businesses and Dubsado does a fantastic job of allowing you and your brand to stand out and is suitable for all service providers. Plus, it’s completely affordable to have such a system in your business without breaking the bank!

Dubsado can benefit your business by organising and managing your clients. It can also help you boost growth by building and keeping client relationships. In turn, this will increase client satisfaction and keep them referring you over and over.

So…how can Dubsado improve your business?

There are a few ways that Dubsado may be beneficial for your business and your clients. After all, what’s good for your clients is good for you. Essentially, a CRM is there to make your business run smoother and here we will look at the top ways and the reasons why:

1. Everything all in one place

As your business grows, so does the amount of information you have to manage. Soon, storing information across multiple spreadsheets or systems becomes difficult to keep track of. Dubsado puts all this data into a single location, making life that much easier.

You can capture information that allows you to create workflows from the information they need and allowing them to receive the information in an automated (but not impersonal) way. There are also many reporting aspects to Dubsado, such as categorised invoices and where your clients have found you (and market yourself accordingly).

You can capitalise on client relationships by keeping this data, and thereby your customers, at the forefront. For instance, you can track online communications, contracts, and invoices (apart from the obvious ones like names, emails, etc.). This enables you to send timely responses to queries and requests.

After all, quick replies are crucial to client satisfaction. Speaking of which…

2. Increased Client Satisfaction

While acquiring new clients is important, so is retaining current customers or your clients referring to other clients. . Dubsado allows you to ensure amazing client satisfaction.

Client satisfaction depends on the degree of personal value you offer your customers. Dubsado makes it easy to connect with your customers through:

  • Canned emails

  • Automated emails through a workflow

  • Schedulers to book in appointments swiftly

  • Reminders for invoices or appointments

3. Improved Business Efficiency

This one is so simple…there was no need to be chained to your laptop doing client admin. The more efficient you can be behind the scenes, the better for you and your clients.

Pre-loading the information into the backend of a CRM system, like Dubsado is going to save you time, going to save your clients time and ultimately enable your business to run more efficiently.

Using a CRM to Grow Your Business

CRM software, like Dubsado, is not just an organisational tool. It can help boost the growth of your business by leaps and bounds. In fact it could also reduce your working week down to 4 days. I estimate that you (on average) could save yourself 2 hours a day for 4 days a week on client admin, which is 8 hours and then Voila!…Friday is yours!

Better Coordination and Management

By allowing Dubsado to take the load on these areas of the business will give you that precious (money cannot buy) time back!

  • Scheduling calls with no back and forth

  • Sending proposals, with contracts and invoice all in one

  • Promoting add-ons in your proposals increasing your profit

  • Allowing everything to go out triggered by the last thing using workflows automatically

  • Good communication to your client, meaning they don’t need to keep contacting you about what happens next - they already know!

So how about it? want to work a 4 day week?

I teach other business owners how to set up Dubsado completely bespoke to your business, so that it runs like clockwork!⚙️

Check out my free Trello Board which explains more about Dubsado and how to get started….access this Trello Board here.

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