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6 ways a CRM can help reduce costs in your business

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Do you still print documents, scan them or route around your desktop folder to find them?

Do you print off your Terms and Conditions and file them in a cabinet under your desk?

CRM software can help you to get more digital and reduce costs in your business.

How are you going to give exceptional service to your client if you waste time and and money on administrating paper?

An online CRM system gives you:

  • Improved business processes through faster access to and retrieval of information.

  • Better, informed decisions through quicker access to all of the right information.

  • Better service delivery because relevant information can be located easily.

  • Less time spent looking for information.

  • Improved ability to provide accurate, timely and transparent responses

  • Cost savings from less creation, storage, retrieval and handling of paper records.

I like my desk clean and my day organised. I have for over 16 years found that this makes me much more effective as a previous PA and now as a Systems Architect.

The CRM software that I use is my way of helping me to plan and manage my every day.

Here are my 5 top tips to how to run an efficient and time saving business:

1. Plan your tasks and activities ahead

When you have a lot on the agenda it is impossible to do “everything” at once. Sit in front of your diary and plot in the different tasks over a period of time and colour code. Make hard priorities and keep some open room for urgent or unexpected tasks.

2. Log everything

Your diary is only a good tool if you use it consistently and keep it updated. Book in everything from ordering flowers for a colleague’s birthday to the management meeting. Not only does this help you, but it also gives you an overview over your day or week. Just remember to make private bookings visible only for you ;-)

3. Avoid the print button

What is really necessary to print? Of course this may depend of the role you have. But most of us don’t need much on paper. My documents, activities and mails are saved in projects in my google mail, my google calendar, my google drive, my hard drive and my CRM.

4. Share electronically

Use a CRM system, like Dubsado to share documents and emails. You will then have all your information storied in one place where it is traceable. In addition, you save time on having all the emails to that client being in one place and reduce the possibility that your “important” message get lost in hundreds of other email’s.

5. Use electronic templates

Create templates for your proposals, contracts, invoices, scheduling appointments and emails. You can create all of these in Dubsado which means you have everything to hand whenever a new client comes on board - just use the templates and amend if needed in the clients folder/project. Don't waste time on inventing new templates.

6. Contact information

Have you ever used a search engine to find company contact information or visited a company website to find a contact person? When a business doesn’t have a business directory or a contact database it is time-consuming to find the correct information fast. Collect all company and personal data in one centralised system, Dubsado.

In a CRM system you can search for everything, which means that if you for example only have an email addresses you can search for that. All in one place.

If you're looking for new ways to use a CRM to help you reduce costs and want to know more about the CRM that I think is the best, Dubsado then CLICK HERE to arrange a chat.

Check out this video which talks through a workflow using Dubsado and you'll see why I think it's the best.

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