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4 reasons why Dubsado is not as hard as you think

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I hear it all the time....but Dubsado is too hard to set up, I can't be bothered....

Ok so yes it does require a bit of effort but what doesn't require a bit of effort if you want to improve something?? Here I am gong to explain 4 potential 'problem' questions that people say to me and I will address them.

1. “Dubsado is ‘too technical’ and hard to set up.”

You’ve heard it’s not the easiest platform to learn. And the belief that it’s “too complicated” keeps so many creative entrepreneurs shackled to their laptop; sending everything by hand and dropping the ball on important stuff!

THE TRUTH: You need to keep it simple, don't over complicate when first starting out. A step-by-step guide to walk you through is a good idea because then you take Dubsado in the right order and the set up in a way that’s easy to follow. Remember this is about your business and the way you run it.....not Tracey's down the road (don't compare yours to someone else's)

2. “Dubsado will take away control of my business.”

Most of us start our business to get out from under the thumb of Crotchety Chris in Corporate. I get it. The idea of giving up control is a NO-GO for you. But if you’re doing everything manually, toggling between tabs and notebooks frantically and forgetting what the heck you’ve already sent...

THE TRUTH: You’re not in control. You’re in a spiral. Automating and streamlining your processes is like taking the reins of your biz back. You get to decide where to spend the HOURS of your life you’ll gain every week. Whether it’s spending more time with your clients or pampering yourself with a well-deserved pedicure...You’ll be more in control than ever.

3. “Doing things by hand adds a personal touch.”

You don’t want your business to give your clients a generic, cookie-cutter, lift-music-on-hold vibe. You want them to know it’s a REAL person on the other end of the keyboard. You worry automation will muck up the personal aspect of your biz.

THE TRUTH: Since everything in Dubsado is branded with your logos, colours and gives your clients a cohesive experience that builds trust. And while you can save time (and stress headaches) by automating, you can choose to leave some parts bespoke to each client. It’s all still coming from you!

4. “I’m just not an organised person…”

You’ve never felt “put together.” You don’t really understand how other business owners always stay on top of their stuff! You’ve told yourself you’re just not meant to be one of those ‘organised’ people...So you make do.

THE TRUTH: You might think you’re a disorganised whirlwind of an entrepreneur...but I promise you’re not destined to be a hot mess express. You’ve got this. After one-time set up, just a few clicks here and’ll have everything you need in one spot.

After helping people get organised for over 17 years Dubsado is the epitome of organisation and everything is all in one place.....there ain't no better feeling than that feeling of being in control with a smug smile.

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