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1:1 Training in Dubsado....why is this a good idea?

Updated: May 2

Are you at a point in your business that you NEED some type of tool/s to make serving, managing, marketing, or delegating easier?

You've tried to implement all the processes in your head and are now sitting in a puddle on the floor trying to convince the computer to finish the work for you, wanting to throw the computer out the window, or talking to 1,000 different people trying to figure what the best thing to do it and how and who is going to take all this off your plate?

YOU are the only one who is going to unlock the secrets to getting your business from chaotic to a slick sexy machine that can pretty much run itself in your sleep!

Long gone are the working late and working weekends.....take the weight off your feet and let's get this sorted for you!

Because, the truth is - this is YOUR business and you can have it all!!

If I am talking directly to you then let's talk. I work with business owners to help them create a structure for their thriving business so they can sit back and concentrate on what's super important to them and spending hours on admin and a mountain of emails is not it.

There is NO cookie cutter, no copy and paste, but a real customised plan for their business.

CRM’s, like Dubsado, have the potential to save you a huge amount of time each and every week, by streamlining and automating your client experience.

Dubsado is flexible in two ways…

Firstly, it works for all types of service-based businesses. I’ve set up all kinds of entrepreneurs Dubsado accounts, including web designers, wedding florist, coaches, accountants and even a bids and grants business.

Secondly, because Dubsado is so bespoke and customisable, you can make it your own. Your client journey, your forms, your branding… everything can be tailored to the way you want to run your business, not the way the system wants you to.

You know your client journey? Well the magic of Dubsado is in it’s workflows. Once you’ve decided on the process (or processes) you want your clients to go through, you can set up your workflows to walk them through it the exact same way every time, plus it will all be personalised to them!! Will they feel taken care of? Hell Yes! Will you do a happy dance in the lack of client admin on your to-do list? Absolutely!

So now to the best bit....getting started!!

BUT might have heard that it's a tricky beast to set up.....I like to think of Dubsado being a tricky beast that needs taming!

It can take a numbers of hours to set up, might go into double digits and do you have time for that? There's another way - you could get someone to set it up for you?? I can hear you say.....that's it I'll get someone to set it up for me instead. The cost of this is generally over £1500-£2000 per set up but what if you don't have the budget right now?? or maybe you do like to learn how to do things yourself!

OH YES......I've got another way and it's still one to one!! No YouTube videos to training courses to plough through, no workbooks or workshops - all of these options are very generic and not bespoke to your business, you'll invariably have questions to do with your business that these types of training don't answer.

How about learning like a Pro....with a Pro at over 40% less cost than my 'done for you' service.

I am so passionate about helping create a streamlined business for my clients using Dubsado and I want to help the masses and not just the elite that can afford to have someone set up the system for them.

Advantages to being taught how to set up Dubsado on a 1:1 basis:

  • Bespoke to your business and not a cookie-cutter version

  • Muscle memory of creating your own account

  • Makes it easier for you to maintain your account when we have finished

  • You will be doing the work with me at your side all the way

This is what a client recently said about me....👇

''Working with Michelle has been such a pleasure and such a useful experience. I have had a Dubsado trial account for around 3 years and have tried to set it up multiple times before. I always got so overwhelmed so I had started looking for someone to set it up for me.

That's when I discovered the service that Michelle offers which just sounded perfect for me because I really wanted to understand how to use Dubsado, so I had the knowledge to tweak it and expand on it over time.

Michelle explained everything so clearly and each week we built on a little more in such an easy to follow way. The action steps were also really helpful for keeping me accountable.

This has been such a valuable investment for my business and I'm so excited that it's finally complete and ready to use with my next client!''

The link below gives you way more information and how to sign up.


Happy Dubsado'ing!!

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