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Never lose a prospective client or lead again!

Get confident with Dubsado, streamline the way you do business, work less, and start earning more in just 5 weeks


You could free up more time in your life and business by automating your entire customer journey?

You never had to worry about waking up at 3am in the morning again realising you’d forgotten to send that proposal.

You never had to chase up invoices again. (Yes, really).

Your entire customer journey, from lead capture right through to getting testimonials was slick, automated and better still; made you look like the professional you are.

Turning leads into clients happened in the background.

You could increase the chance of people buying your services by making it as simple as a few clicks of a button.

You didn’t have to keep checking your emails for prospective leads on your days off, evenings or whilst on holiday.

You could save time, and earn more money with a system that did the donkey-work for you.

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Say goodbye to the never-ending cycle of trying to book discovery calls, contacting leads, sending out proposals, chasing invoices & booking in work time. Life is too short!


Let me guess, all of that extra admin work means you’re either dropping the ball and not getting back to prospective clients in time, because you’re busy trying to serve your existing clients.


Or worse still, it’s eating into your precious free time and that’s driving you, your partner and your family up the wall.

And you’re worried you’re at risk of burning out.

Running a business by yourself can be exhausting

but it doesn't have to be!

By the end of working with me, you will have:

⇨ Streamlined your client journey, so it doesn’t overwhelm you or your clients.


⇨ The whole system will be branded, emails linked and calendars synched so everything looks and feels like it’s coming direct from your inbox.


⇨ Lead capturing that will feel like a breeze whilst automated emails will be taking your prospective clients on a journey in the background.


⇨ Contracts, proposals, packages & invoices set up and ready to go.


⇨ A system that sends out invoice reminders for you, increasing clients paying on time by a hundred fold.


⇨ The option to make life so much easier for your clients by allowing them to book appointments, select the services they want, sign contracts, accept proposals and pay, all with a few clicks of a button.

Image by Gilles Lambert

Does this sound familiar?

Surrounded by post-it notes...

...scribbles in your diary, and playing email ping pong with prospective and current clients?

Too much admin!

Admin is damaging the customer experience, because you’re busy and sometimes you forget to contact people.

Limited Spare Time

Relying on your limited spare time to give your new clients what they need, you risk losing them altogether.

Feeling embarrassed

You’re offering high-end services but you’re feeling embarrassed by the mish mash of onboarding processes you have

Spinning all the plates

You want some time back, so you don’t have to spin all the plates and risk burning out

Want to know more about working with me?

What my clients say


Where do I start, I have loved my time working with Michelle she really goes above and beyond to give the best service possible for her clients. I couldn't have asked for a better person to teach me how to set up and use this software


Excellent - Patient - and Extremely helpful 100% recommended. Personally for 30 years I have never had to do office type things myself as academically I'm awful at these things so needed this helpful 1 on 1 boost.


Working with Michelle has been an absolute dream. She is an awesome fountain of knowledge and knows Dubsado inside out. I wasn't sure if Dubsado was the answer for an accounts practice, but I am really excited about the smooth changes this will bring to my client experience and my workload! 

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