Teaching Entrepreneurs how to use Dubsado to level up their business

Hey, I'm Michelle, a Dubsado Trainer

adore serving your clients and you're amazing at it, but sometimes it's hard to see the wood for trees with all the client admin that comes with them.

You've tried hiring virtual assistants, but it doesn't seem to help; if anything, your to-do list is longer! You know there's probably an easier way of doing things, but you can't find a solution that works for you.

You love doing what you do, but you're ready to take things to the next level now and earn more whilst working less so you can start claiming the flexibility and freedom you dream of.

I teach small business owners how to save time and money by streamlining your systems, freeing up space for creativity and growth. Let's get started on the path to SUCCESS!

What if I told you...

...there was one system that could help you do solve ALL of this (and more!)

A system that can;

  • Save you time by streamlining your systems and reducing the manual load

  • Create an incredible client experience for your clients, so they can sign up to work with you with ease

  • Be adapted and tailored to your business so you can create systems that work for you!



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I'm Michelle, a Dubsado Trainer who supports service based businesses, who want to streamline their processes by introducing simple systems that help attract more quality clients and build a business that allows you the flexibility and freedom you desire. 

If you're ready to automate your business, make your time more profitable by making more sales to quality clients and save time so you can free up space for creativity, growth and living the life you desire - you're in the right place!

I offer a range of Dubsado services, from Done for you, Done with you and DIY online course 

What would like to find out more about today?.

Imagine this...

⇨ You're able to sign the high rolling clients every month... without all the stress, overwhelm and ball-dropping that’s happening now

⇨ All your emails, proposals, contracts and invoices are automated so you know the right people are getting exactly the right information at exactly the right time, leaving you to spend time with the family or just more time on your business

And it didn’t take you months to figure out how!

⇨ You wake up to a hot new lead who's already filled out a questionnaire AND booked a call…without you having to play exhausting email ping pong for days figuring out time zones and availability (only to double book yourself by accident because - whoops - no system.)

⇨ Prospective new clients are blown away by your slick and professional process making it SUPER easy for them to say yes to working together,
all whilst cooking a roast dinner and not looking at your laptop!

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Do you want a no fluffy FREE guide/document that tells you all about Dubsado and how to get started?

Plus I believe in doing things differently...there is no email sequence when you download this doc!

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Client Love

''  You have helped me so much with my Dubsado set up! Even though I have been using it for a year or so I was only using the basics really and was desperate to get workflows set up. 

So now that we have gone through and set up several workflows for the different types of clients this is going to help so much. 

I liked the fact that you showed me how to do something but then let me have a go too as I think you learn better when you physically have to do it yourself, so that was a real bonus. Thanks so much - would highly recommend  ''

Nicky - @polkadotcreations