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Specialist in Logistical and Planning support for events

Take away the overwhelm with the countless details that demand your attention



My name is Michelle and I have over 20 years of experience in the executive assistant/PA space and specialise in logistical support for events. 


I am here to give you back the time to work on the front-of-house planning for your clients. I will take care of everything behind the scenes to ensure the event runs smoothly for YOU, from accommodation for guests and staff at the event, to supplier management, travel, communication and even what the staff are going to eat and when; we've got you covered.


I work with a limited number of clients at any one time so rest assured your company is being looked after. 



Let me take the pressure of managing logistical nightmares that hinder your ability to focus on delivering a seamless, front-of-house experience to your clients


Seamless arrangements for guests and staff, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Supplier Coordination

From negotiating contracts to managing deliveries

Travel Logistics

Streamlined travel plans for your team and guests, eliminating stress and delays.

Effective Communication Systems

Ensure everyone is on the same page with our top-notch communication strategies.

My Clients Say

"As Director of Events at Last Supper Ltd my planning team relies on Michelle’s expertise.
Michelle’s attention to detail, speedy response times and organisation is the back bone of our large event projects and we couldn’t do it without her"

Philip Kind, Director of Events - Last Supper Ltd



Ready to let me take the strain?

07967 759047

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