Hey creative entrepreneur.
It's time to elevate your  business using Dubsado

Hey, I'm Michelle, a Dubsado Trainer

Do you feel like you're getting stuck behind your client admin?

Do you keep hiring virtual assistants, but your workload still isn't getting do

Do you DREAM of working less hours and still producing more?

Having me teach you how to set up Dubsado will save time and money by streamlining your systems, freeing up space for creativity and growth. Let's get started on the path to SUCCESS!

Are you...

A creative entrepreneur who’s had your business for a while but you're ready to take you're business to the next level?

Successful in your field but your back end processes are a little dire?

Sometimes a bit hap hazard and can get lost in email trails...the worst!?

Always running out of time catching up and family life suffers?

Fed up of everything just looking pants?...

(why does everyone else's look gorgeous and mine looks crap!)


If you answered 'YES, THAT'S ME...'

Then Dubsado was made for you and I want to show you how to skyrocket your business!.

Teach Not To Do
This is my motto as I passionately believe that teaching you how to set up Dubsado is better way for business owners to set up this amazing but (slightly complicated) system.

Learn with an expert on a 1:1 basis bespoke for your business...learn the system from the inside out.

For more information about this service, click the link below

You want to knock the socks off your clients with slick onboarding that doesn't leave you stressed out.

You don't want to be chained to your laptop 24/7 either

So don't  be!

Let's make your dream of achieving more and working less a reality

Imagine this...

⇨ You're able to sign the high rolling clients every month... without all the stress, overwhelm and ball-dropping that’s happening now

⇨ You’ve set up your emails, proposals, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires only ONE MORE TIME… and you know with 100% confidence they’ll be sent on-time to the right client, in the right order

And it didn’t take you months to figure out how!

⇨ You wake up to a hot new lead who's already filled out a questionnaire AND booked a call…without you having to play exhausting email ping pong for days figuring out time zones and availability (only to double book yourself by accident because - whoops - no system.)

⇨ All your leads being blown away by your professional process...and it all happened on autopilot whilst you watched your favourite series Netflix scoffing your favourite snack!

And all because you have Dubsado set up.

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I won't lie to you, Dubsado can be a tricky beast to set up.....but it's a powerful one that will change your business and the way you work forever....for the good

Download your free guide which will help you create the perfect Dubsado in 10 steps.